Danièle Sulewic: Sewn in the City

A tour of Italian towns created from fabric


Nothing could be further from the nature of fabric than the monumentality of architecture; nevertheless the fabric compositions of Danièle Sulewic reflect the inner character of each Italian city she recreates, through her use of diverse kinds of fabric: Venice is created by delicate embroidery, brocades, and a transparent fabric with a green hue; Genoa is composed of severe gray coat fabric; Siena is made of silk and satin, both appearing in warm earth, ochre and gold tones. Danièle Sulewic, artist, designer, costume designer and ceramist – born in Paris into a Polish Jewish family – has lived and worked in Italy since 1973. In her works of art, the sewing machine is used as a pencil and stitching is her way of drawing. Danièle Sulewic also borrows from another Jewish artistic tradition: that of collecting, selling and reusing second-hand garments and old scraps of fabric in order to create a new article. This art is a focal point in Danièle Sulewic’s work, an essential key in the expression of her Jewish identity.

The artist would give a gallery talk on 25 July, 18:30.

Museum of Italian Jewish Art
25 Hillel St, Jerusalem