Motzie Matzah


Invitation (PDF)

Italian Passover Customs

“This matzah that we eat – what is it for?”

The mitzvah of eating matzah on the festival of Passover, in remembrance of the exodus from Egypt, makes the matzah the quintessential food of Passover and one of its most important symbols. There is, therefore, a special procedure for making matzot which ensures their kashrut.

The exhibit revolves around an antique machine which was used by the Jews of the Roman Ghetto to make matzot for Passover, as well as rare utensils and objects from the Seder night table. Illustrations found in ancient Passover Haggadot, reveal a world of ancient customs carried out in Italy in preparation for the festival, such as agalah, burning of chametz and the traditional method of making matzot.

Museum of Italian Jewish Art
25 Hillel St, Jerusalem