New Exhibition: Conservation Secrets


An exhibition by guest curator Dr. Doron Lurie

“Conservation Secrets” shines a spotlight on the long-time connection to conservation at the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art. At one time home to a school and studio for wood conservation, the museum has had to engage many times with the ethical questions surrounding the restoration process. This exhibition examines some of these questions for the public, beginning with the ideas of truth and authenticity. From Modigliani to the golden Menorah, Titus to Theodore Herzl, the discussion encompasses forgeries and amateur restorers.

The culmination of these themes lies at the heart of the exhibition: the museum’s unique 18th century painted Sukkah panels from Venice are undergoing a live restoration. The project is being carried out by  conservators in one of the galleries so that visitors can be a part of the restoration process in real time.

Ideally, visitors will end their visit to the exhibition and live restoration reflecting on the importance of preserving and maintaining history for future generations.

Museum of Italian Jewish Art
25 Hillel St, Jerusalem