Arbib Center

The Arbib Educational Center is an interactive multimedia information center with touch screen programs for visitors, within the museum.

The creation of the Arbib Educational Center was realized in collaboration with the Jerusalem Foundation and thanks to the support of Walter and Edie Arbib and family, Canada, and Jack and Inbal Arbib and family, Israel.

The creation of the Arbib Educational Center facilitates the development of an interactive space that allows a deep insight into the art and history of Italian Jewry, and is an important step into the exciting world of multimedia.

The project includes high resolution images and magnifying tools for seeing the most precious items of the museum’s collection, to examine them in detail, and be given information about their material and technical design, their religious meaning, their geographic origin, and historical context.

The project includes a visual location of twenty Italian regions, information about Italian Jewish communities, themes and terms, techniques, detailed object cards and hundreds of large images accompanied by instructional labels. The front page of each community page is accompanied by at least three images of objects from the museum’s collection. Each theme, term and technique is accompanied by one large image visually supporting the definition.  A Timeline includes hundreds of historical data and a vast collection of images on Italian Jewry, historical epochs of world history, artistic styles, as well as relevant objects from the museum.

The Arbib Educational Center is in active use in both English and Hebrew versions.