Educational Activities for Children

The Education Department of the U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, offers a fascinating journey into the rich heritage of the Italian Jewish community in a variety of workshops and educational programs. We seek to expose the child to experience sensory and aesthetic directions and creative thinking through the cultural richness as it is shown in the museum.

The Museum offers various programs, according to on going exhibitions, in accordance with the needs of the students. A visit to the museum offers experiential learning through play, conversation and practical experience. Our goal is to stimulate the child`s imagination, curiosity and pleasure.

We invite you to enjoy our fascinating museum.

Children Activities

  • Fabric – Recycling Workshop

    , Ages 8-12

    A “happening” of creativity with emphasis on recycling and protecting the environment. Participants of the workshop will create exciting new items using scraps of magnificent fabrics. For further information and pre – registration: 02 – 6241610

  • Treasure Hunt

    2 hours., first - sixth grade.

    Hands-on tour of the synagogue and museum exhibits.  Various activities in different areas of the museum: secret code riddles, games, treasure hunt.  Prizes and creative workshop.

  • Golden Fingers

    2 hours., Grades one – six.

    A hands-on activity for children. Together we’ll get acquainted with the preservation process of wood and the children will gild objects. The workshop will begin with a tour of the synagogue and the museum where we’ll get acquainted with the antique items that were brought from Italy, and with the preservation work carried out in […]

  • Receiving the Torah

    According to chosen activities., Grades one – two.

    In honor of receiving the Torah and a Siddur, a special guided tour will be provided as a closer to the discussion of the topic in schools. Children will tour the synagogue and will get acquainted with its structure and special ornaments. The main emphasis will be on the Holy Ark and the Torah scrolls […]

  • The strength of Italian Jewish women

    2 hours, Grades six – seven, girls approaching their bat mitzvah.

    The aim of the visit is to discover and explore the world of Jewish women and their important contribution within the family, in the community and in society at large. Jewish women showed their interest in the religious life of the community by embroidering on precious silks and brocades which would then be donated to […]

  • A Mystery in the boot shaped land

    1.5 hours., Grades one - sixth

    During their visit to the synagogue of Conegliano Veneto in the Italian Jewish Museum, the children will reenact the surprising revelation of Rabbi Harry Deutch. They will organize all the synagogues’ objects and will study the glorious past of Italian Jewry in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. They will learn about the daily life of […]

  • Pulcinella’s Secrets

    Two hours, Grades 1-6

    Workshops devoted to costume-making, theatre design, masks and puppets. Guided workshops for children, families and groups. We invite you to participate in this unique experience.