Receiving the Torah

In honor of receiving the Torah and a Siddur, a special guided tour will be provided as a closer to the discussion of the topic in schools. Children will tour the synagogue and will get acquainted with its structure and special ornaments. The main emphasis will be on the Holy Ark and the Torah scrolls in it. Other unique Judaica artifacts which are part of the museum’s collection will also be discussed.A creative workshop about receiving the Torah can also be included.  For those interested, a demonstration can be given by a Sopher-Stam, a Torah scribe, who will explain and illustrate the process of writing a Torah scroll including the materials used and the shaping of the letters. It is also possible to have the ceremony of receiving the Torah/Siddur to the children together with their parents in the morning or in the afternoon.

Time frame of the activity:  Tour of the synagogue and the museum: 1 hour.

Creative workshop: 30 min.

Sopher-Stam: 30 min.

Duration: According to chosen activities.
Target Audience: Grades one – two.