Guided Tours

Italian Jewry

Guided tour of the Conegliano Veneto Synagogue and of the museum exhibits.

There also is a possibility to listen to lectures on the following subjects: History of Jews in Italy particularly the Jews of Florence; History of Italian Synagogues; Italian Jewish ceremonial art and its preservation.

Italy in the heart of Jerusalem

Touring Jerusalem in search of places linked to Italy accompanied by Italian music. The visit will follow the history of the clashes between European powers in the 19th century, of an Italian architect who lived here with a deep nostalgia for Italy, of an Ethiopian princess and the castle of her dreams, of an Italian synagogue entirely transferred to Israel, and many more stories. The price includes the entrance fee and a guided tour of the Museum, and is available Thursdays and Fridays, although it is possible to organize for other weekdays by booking through the museum. Length: 3 hours. There is also the possibility for two Italian musicians playing Italian music to accompany the tour. Booking required.