The Jerusalemite Star

Five boutique museums located in the heart of Jerusalem display exceptional artistic treasures. Each museum authentically displays art that is unique to its mission. Together, they form an experience that depicts this city’s diverse cultural tapestry. …. Tours of the city’s architectural monuments are also offered and carve paths that connect the museums of the Jewish Star to one another.

Museum on the Seam

In its unique way, this Museum presents art as a language with no boundaries in order to facilitate discussion of controversial social issues. At the epicenter of the changing exhibitions, national ethnic and economic seams are explored within their local and universal contexts.
Address: 4 Chel Handasa st., Jerusalem. Phone: 972-2-6281278

Museum for Islamic Art

The Museum, the only one of its kind in Israel, contains one of the world’s foremost collections of Islamic art with more than 3,000 rare and exquisite items. Temporary exhibitions inspired by the collection are presented alongside the permanent display.
Address: 2, Hapalmach Street, Jerusalem. Phone: 972-2-5661291

Old Yishuv Museum

The Isaac Kaplan Old Yishuv Court Museum documents an extinct world: the old Jewish settlement that lived within the walls of the Old City for 500 years before the Jordanian occupation. Through the use of period items and displays, the story of the Jewish community comes to life: stories of marriage and birth, happy and sad times, coping with life’s everyday difficulties, being satisfied with little and a strident belief in the Almighty..
Address: no ‘ 6 Or Ha’Hayyim st. the Jewish quarter, Jerusalem. Phone: 972-2-6276319.

Hechal Shlomo

Hechal Shlomo located in the heart of Jerusalem, is a landmark in Jerusalem’s horizon. The Hechal Shlomo Museum presents permanent and temporary exhibitions on Jewish identity and Jewish culture which includes topics such as Judaica and heritage, Jewish identity and symbols, the cultural history and the importance of the artifact in Israeli culture. A visit to Hechal Shlomo can include an exciting tour of its museum, a panoramic view of Jerusalem, a peek at its beautiful synagogue and more.
Address: 58 King George st. Jerusalem. Phone: 972-2-5889000

U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

The Museum was set up to collect, preserve and display objects pertaining to Jewish life in Italy from the Renaissance period through to the present time.
Through its unique images and artifacts, the Museum’s collection recreates the richness of Jewish life in Italy throughout the ages. The outstanding highlight of the Museum is the ancient synagogue, which is now used by Italian Jews in Jerusalem: it was originally the synagogue of Conegliano Veneto, a village located between Padua and Venice.
Address: Hillel 25 st. Jerusalem. Phone: 972-2-5801144