The Museum has been involved from its very beginning with wood restoration, taking upon itself the preservation of precious objects of Jewish art, synagogues, and the many Torah Arks brought to Israel by Dr. U. Nahon, the founder of the Museum. The Wood Restoration Center at the museum has been responsible for many major projects, such as the restoration of Holy Arks that have been donated, on permanent loan, to various sites throughout Israel, including the synagogues in the Knesset (Israel Parliament), the Jerusalem City Hall, the Armored Corps Memorial Museum in Latrun, and the Jerusalem Mall. The Wood Restoration Center has worked in close cooperation with the celebrated Palazzo Spinelli Institute for Art and Restoration in Florence.  At the beginning, the work was coordinated by Mr. Giuliano Orvieto, who dedicated himself to the restoration of the wooden furniture from 1988 to 2004, starting with the benches now in use in the Conegliano Synagogue. The wood restoration activities of the museum constituted a pioneering effort for professional wood restoration and established an awareness of ethically correct principles of conservation.