Hevrat Yehudei Italia Lif'ulah Ruchanit:

Association of Italian Jews for Spiritual Work

The Association of Italian Jews for Spiritual Work is a non-profit organization, founded in Jerusalem by immigrants from Italy in 1946. The Association is now the cultural, religious and social center of the Italian Jewish community in Israel. Located in an ancient and beautiful building in the heart of Jerusalem, the Association organizes and conducts a variety of lectures, workshops, seminars, concerts and exhibitions. The building also hosts a synagogue originally from the town of Conegliano in the Veneto region, where the customary prayers are held every Shabbat and Jewish holiday according to the ancient Roman Jewish ritual.

Most of the resources of the Association are dedicated to the S.U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art. This small and high quality Museum was founded in 1983 to collect, preserve and display Arks, religious articles and other objects relating to Jewish life in Italy. The collection displays many items of high artistic and historical value, documenting the rich heritage of Italian Jewry.